Web Designing Course in Pune With Placement

web development training in pune

Web Designing Course in Pune With Placement

Web designing course in pune with placement from expert professionals and learn the basics of HTML,CSS. Website designing requires different skills in the production and maintainance of website. Website design includes graphic design courses in pune , interface design , search engine optimization for appearing our website on the top of the result list given by the search engine.

For designing website there is a team of designers in which each member is doing their own work according to their skills. some designers have all skills of website designing. Web designers are expected to be up to date with web accessibility guidelines and also have an awareness of usability. Both vector and raster graphics editors are used by the web designers to create web-formatted imagery or design prototypes. HTML and CSS are basic requirements for the website designing.

Graphic design courses in Pune

web development course pune


Web designer must take care of the website i.e.the should be user-friendly and interactive. Various tools are available in the market for web designing which provides standard codes for designing.

Qualities of Best Website 

1.Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Let us start with SEO Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the number of clicks to a specific website by giving the higher priority to that website i.e. the website appears top on the list of results given by Google like search engines. SEO is important because 80% of the website traffic starts with the search query.

  SEO is of two types :

In this method the optimization of website is in the coding of website .

This is used for making back links. Back links are important for SEO because search engine algortithm gives higher priority to the website having larger number of back links.

2.Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO):

Conversion Rate Optimization is depends on the two things:

     Authority: The overall look or feel of website can depict the authority of that site to customers. So the overall look of the website must be good and interactive. it should be user friendly. Your website must have a well design and authority.

     Simplicity: The complex design creates negative impact on users. So design should be as simple as possible. As considering CRO your website should be simple enough to satisfy UX but it is complex also for enough CRO. So you have to consider both things in your mind when you are designing your website.

3.User Experience (UX):

The front page and overall design of website has a large effect on the user experience for your visitors. For increasing the speed of your site and user interaction make the navigation simple and easy to use. At the time of designing your website you must take care of related files , plugins and widgets are of small size ,so that your website will load fast.

4.Analytics :

The main importance of collecting Analytics data is it will increases the development speed of your website, therefore it is important that your website is set up in such a way that you can effectively collect the data which you require. If you are able to implement advance analytics techniques then your website will have less limitations of design.

5.Pay Per Click Advertising:

Pay Per Click is the Google AdWords technique in which advertiser pay to the Google after user clicks on the website. This is the most important and reasonable way of advertising of your business.

Website design courses 



Body Attributes

Text attributes

Marquee tag & its attributes

Headings, Font

Ordered and Unordered Lists

Blockquote, HyperLinks, Sound

Alignment of images & Mapping

Tables: Creating a Table

Combine cells in a row or column

Cells: Spanning, Padding

Forms: Create List Box, Radio Buttons


Fundamental Java Scripting

Functions: Defining & Calling

Using Variables local, global

Programming(If,While, Loops)

Strings & ARRAYS, Event handling,

Objects, Methods & Properties….etc.


CSS different types of method

HTML,Class, DIV,Group Style

Different link style



Using the Site Window, Set your local site

Image Hyperlinks, Properties

Rollover Image, Navigation Bar with Rollovers & links

Insert Flash Animation, Flash Video

Displaying Data with Tables

Design a page layout using tables

Div Tag, AP Div

Spray Menu

Spray Tab

Spray Accordion, Spray Collapsible

Hyperlinks: Internal & External Linking

Email Linking & Anchor Linking

Linking (Image Hyperlinks)

Web Authoring, Forms, Tables

Layout / Standard view, Building frames, framesets

Animating with timelines


How to take a hosting plan

Hosting Domains on Cpanel

Using Cpanel to Create EMAIL’s of your domain

Hosting Multiple Domains on Server

Pointing Name Servers to the domains

How to Start your Business

Live Domain Registration

Complete hosting

Assigning Web Mails

Creating Pop mails

Assigning Web Mails

Reselling information

Control Panel features

How to create Packages

How to buy Hosting plans

How to freelance Web designing



You can create Patterns and Artistic

Designs using Fills and Colours for Web Buttons

You can Create Web Backgrounds

You can Import and Export your Images.

Image Editing, Resolution, Correction, Saturation

Tool Box, Navigator, Info, Option,Swatches, Brushes

Layers: Adding, Deleting, Merge,Duplicating,Rotate

Filters: Built-in Effects Blur,Twirl, Stain,

Emboss, Spotlight, Fire, Embossed…etc.

Retouching, Colouring,Creating Backgrouds, Buttons

LIVE PROJECTS Image Mixing, Re-touching, Layering, WEB Buttons, Backgrounds, Img touch


Creating WordPress Blog

Installing WordPress Themes

WordPress Plug-ins, Widgets

Using the WordPress Dashboard

Creating pages / page title & body text

Draft vs. Publishing Blogs.


Websites vs. Blogs

Domain names & Website

Hosting Setting up a domain name URL,

Hosting & email

Installing WordPress

Using the C-Panel

WordPress Admin area

Adding Plugins, Widgets

Speeding up WordPress

Using Cache & Adv Tools.


Woo Commerce Setup Pages

Woo Configuration & Setting

Creating Products

Product Image, Product

Images & WordPress

Using the C-Panel

WordPress Admin area

Adding Plugins, Widgets

Speeding up WordPress

Using Cache & Adv Tools.



Coding Best Practices

Filename Optimization

Meta Tags Optimization

Title Tags Optimization

KEYWORD Research

Headers Optimization


Directory Submission

Sub: Search Engines

Deep Linking

InBound Links

Blog directory Submission

Book Marking/ Article writing


Search Console

What is Webmaster Tools

Site working on Search Console

Refine personal & site settings

Manage and monitor your site

URL Parameters

Search Traffic

Google Index

Crawl & Fetching your site

Submitting your verification code

Testing Robot.txt & Sitemaps

Security – Check for errors


Web Designer

Photoshop specialist

Layout Artist

Web Layout Designer

WordPress Designer

Page Designer

Layout Artist

Ad Designer