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Learn social media optimisation services, social media marketing strategy and grow your business. now days creating a successful social media strategy is very important. As we know , now a days how important the social media is for survival in today’s competitive market.

Considering all the benefits of Social media if we try to planning our business using social media then your are most welcome!!!

When we think of opening up your brand and company to the world at huge and giving up control over how your message is spread across the world & Find out how to make sure that your brand is being promoted in a positive and effective way.

Now a days ,No one is interested in Entertaining you personally , No one has that much of time. It is nothing but Social Media ; because of it we can communicate , make interaction with each other although we don’t have time to meet , to discuss and although we are far away from each other.

“The World has been come closer and closer due to Social Media….”

When we consider Money, there comes a Business ,a society ,a Market.  All these things are connected to each other by one Pillar known as Social Media.

We can say “It’s a mathematic equality large Network equals to More Profit”(large Network=More Profit)

Lets try to find out how to efficiently plan our business strategy across world’s networks with the help of social media.

Social Media Marketing strategy includes building and managing your company’s brand strategy on social web across the whole World.

To have a your company brand on social web across world and to have long term effective, positive  results over your business we need to plan a good , mastermind marketing strategy. Its not difficult but one has to follow clear confirmed best practices and choosing the best strategy that can fulfil your set goals & that’s it you will find yourself on the pick of online success. 

Important keys to remember:

  • Flexibility
  • Transparency
  • Rapidness of response

The public wants  & expects the interaction with you and if they have good experience of it; they will spread a Social Proofs of your company’s brand to new people (Audience ) & Networks rather about that network you have surely never think of.Social Media gives us opportunity to find out what a current public wants, what updation they need and by knowing this stuff you can surely accommodate changes in your product or service.

Now are you ready for building your social media marketing strategy…..???  If yes , then of course You need to connect Your Customers..!!

 For this give a look at following essential points:

Every marketing strategy serves your each goal so it is necessary that you should first understand your business goals without that you can’t move forward. How will you find that?? For this look closely at overall needs of your company & decide how you want to make use of social media so that it can contribute to reaching your all needs.

Company’s Needs may Includes:

  • Increasing Brand awareness
  • Retaining Customers
  • Reducing Marketing Costs

     Note:Not to set too many goals because if you are having too many goals then  you will get distract and can’t achieve anything. Its better to set specific but most important goals.

Setting marketing objectives means defining specific parameters (criteria )that will tell you when each goal is achieved.Objectives defines that how you progress from Point A to Point B where Point A is an unfulfilled goal and Point B is a Successfully fulfilled Goal.

Marketing Objective should be:

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Achievable
  4. Relevant
  5. Time-bound

If your business don’t have accurate ideal customer profile then it will leads to downstream of your business.Customer’s Profile helps you to define and target the right audience in the right location at the right times with the appropriate message.

Customer’s Profile gives information about their :

  1. Age                                  6.Problems
  2. Obstacles                         7. Habits
  3. Likes & dislikes                8. Motivations
  4. Objections                       9. Occupation
  5. Income                            10.Interests  

And with this we can target them so easily on social media.

As we know that Today’s Market is so competitive and it is so important to survive in this competitive market. For this we need to be updated with current market scenario.Finding out your competition not only tell you about their current activity but also it gives you an idea about what is working so you can add that tactics to your own efforts.Search at least 4-6 main competitors.

Pay attention to their:

  1. Number of fans (followers)
  2. Posting frequency of day
  3. Posting time of day
  4. Type of content they are posting
  5. Context of Posting
  6. How they response to their followers
  7. Engagement Activity (includes likes, comments , shares , etc)

Note:Always Compare Your company with your competitors and analyse what is good and what is bad ,where to be update and make changes & improve accordingly.

By analysing your customers’s profile you can determine which platform is best for you.

If after analysing Customers’s profile you came on conclusion that 40% of your customers spend their online time on Facebook and 20% on Twitter ; then you can focus most on facebook as a social networks and wisely invest in Facebook advertising and so on.

Note: Don’t waste your time in creating account on every popular social networks without researching which platform will give you the most return. Avoid wastage of time in wrong places.

Content and social media have a mutual relationship. Social media is meaningless without great and meaningful content and nobody will know your content without Social media.Therefore you need to use both of them together.

For successful social media content strategy focus on following things:

  1. Type of content:

This depends on context and form. Form defines how you represent information like text only ,images ,links, video,etc.Context deals with your company voice & trends in platform.It includes that should your content be serious,funny or highly detailed or educational or something else.

  1. Time & Frequency of posting:

This includes analysing Engagement Activity.Finding out posting frequency is most important factor as if you don’t want to annoy your audience.

Note:You can make use of facebook insights to see when your followers are online & engaging with the content you shared.

While deciding budget and resources you have to consider your business objectives and goals.Make a complete list of tools you need for example social media monitoring, email marketing etc.

Include annual projected cost so that you can have a high level view of what you are actually investing in and how it can affect your marketing budget.

There can be two scenario in business….

  1. one that decide their budget first and then select strategy and tactics which is fit that budget.
  2. Second one is establishing strategy first and then fixing budget accordingly.

Identify who is responsible so that it can increase productivity and avoids confusion & efforts. At the start it might be get hard but by the time each team member will come to know their role for the task.

When everyone knows their role then begin for planning the execution process or we can say actual work.

Note:Make use of tools like Basecamp or ActiveCollab to manage your team & assigning of task to each member.

Individual efforts in social media marketing strategy

When we plan marketing strategy but sometimes by the time we feel that the strategy is not working efficiently so always be ready for such conditions and always try to adapt quickly & make new changes to your overall strategy.