Social Media Course

“Our life is nothing without Social Media” , How does you will react if I say so…?? Everyone will be agreed….Right??? “Haha…Yeah, why not?”

The impact of social media is so vast on our day to day life. But somehow ,not everyone is well aware of it , for those people….Here We Are!!!!

Social Media is a medium which is consist of several websites and applications by which users can create and share their content and can participate in huge network.

Things possible due to Social Media:

  1. Creation of Ideas
  2. Sharing of Information
  3. Career Interests

Now a days ,No one is interested in Entertaining you personally , No one has that much of time. It is nothing but Social Media ; because of it we can communicate , make interaction with each other although we don’t have time to meet , to discuss and although we are far away from each other.

                “The World has been come closer and closer due to Social Media….”

When we consider Money,there comes a Business ,a society ,a Market.  All these things are connected to each other by one Pillar known as Social Media.

First , try to understand a true meaning of Marketing.

“Marketing is the process of advertising your product & with it first create it as a service to user/customer.”

Social Media marketing is a General Marketing using Social Medias. Social Media Marketing emphasizes more on Promoting Company’s Brand & increases its visibility over Social Networks.

“Ya..Here we Came…” There are some of Social Network’s examples given below…lets see….

  • Facebook: Facebook is the world’s largest & most powerful social network with around 1.55   billion active users.

  • Twitter:Twitter is another world’s largest & most powerful social network for business with around 255 million active users.

  • Instagram:It is most beautiful and interesting tool to post ,comment millions of things on single platform.

For a business ,if we have plan, some strategy & if we have social media supportively ; then “Boss..Just fly…!!!”

Considering Social media’s benefits , make a good business strategy & go for it. As social media marketing increases brand’s awareness by promoting . It also helps  us to validate and retain our brand. Social media  has the ability to increase your customer traffic.

To get this magical opportunity, we have Social Media Course.”Ya..Whatever you read…; is right”

Social Media Course.

Basically this course is divided into four modules just to simplify it.

Lets ,take an overview of these modules….

It consists of basics & basics. It emphasizes on….

  1. Why should we care about social media?
  2. Attitude towards Digital Marketing & social Media
  3. Latest statistics & Trends in social media
  4. Some relevant success stories of social media
  5. Simplifying Community building on Facebook
  6. Creating own Facebook marketing strategy & advertising

It is the gemstone in social media crown. Creating own Twitter Marketing Strategy is taken in this Module.

Authorising LinkdIn for B2B lead generation & personal brand’s discussion on other social media.

  • Measuring ROI (Risk of Ignoring) of social media : It is what your organization or company getting back from money & resources you have invested by the time in social media marketing.
  • Planning & Creation of multi channel social media strategy.
  • Project & Assignments :In social Media Course ,there will be project for 1 month & few home assignments  to give hands on to experiencing social media marketing.
  • Research Based Internship:It is to give real time experienced learning to motivate other by your research work.