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                    Keyword Research is the most important as well as valuable and activity that returns the maximum in the search marketing field .By keyword Research technique you can learn the phrases and terms to target with SEO. You can understand the customer’s needs also.

                    Keyword Research technique basically is used for predictions of shifts in demands ,response to changing marketing conditions thus produce the services and contents that the web searchers are actively finding.

                   Normally the search engine provides their own keyword search suggestion tools. The web searchers uses this information given by the keyword search suggestion tool for selecting the correct keyword. The aim of Keyword Research is to generate large number of phrases or terms that are mostly related to given input keyword with good precision and recall.


Steps to Keyword Research

There are three steps to keyword research . They are given below :

Selecting the Keywords :

Speak to your caligues, friends, suppliers about your business of keywords and phrases they will help you to create the keywords you want to create.

Imagine yourself as a customer and create the keywords. As you think like customer you will get the needs of customer and you will easily create it.

Competitors: Find out the competitors which are having similar product like you.

Analytics: Make a note of all words which are related to your website. Define your list. Now you should have a list of keywords and from this research you can now use it for further use . Do not make the list too much long , try to find out only few like 10-15 keywords.

Defining the List :

From the selection of keywords in Step 1, now have a need to define the list of keywords you want to target.

You just sign in to the Google Keyword Tool which gives you range of keywords identified by it for your website via Google .

Copy and Paste the keyword list you created in Step 1 into the keyword tool and choose ‘Exact match’ and set the region you are looking to target and record result.

Choosing the Keywords :

This is the important step of keyword research. The Keywords selected and gathered from the Google that keywords you are looking to take forward if they are really matching to your website. Analyse that keywords. There is no point identifying keywords with lots of potential search volume if you don’t have the content available on the website to support this.

Keyword Research Tools

There are various Keyword Research tools available. Some of them are given below :

  1.  Google AdWords Keyword Planner
  2.  Google Suggest
  3.  Bing Ads Keyword Planner


        1. Google AdWords Keyword Planner :This is one of the type of AdWords account which is used by the              consultants to manage number of different advertising accounts.

        2. Google Suggest :It is introduced in 2012. It is used as a live feature while web searcher is typing a search term into the Google browser.

        3. Bing Ads Keyword Planner :It provides keyword and ad group suggestions. It get the search volume data and trends. It forms the new keywords by multiplying the old keywords.