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Google My Business :

If yor are having Google website of your company, for managing your Google properties Google My Business is used as Google’s ‘dashboard’ . It is the interface between you and your google “local search” presence. Google My Business page connects you to your Google+ page,Google Analytics and AdWords Express.

Google plus page :

Google+ is the social media site of Google. Google+ page is used to represent presence of your company or Google’s social media site. You can share contents and post messages to your Google+ streams via Google+ page and engage with users. Whwn you create Google My Business page Google will automatically add a Google+ page for your business.

Google+ is the opportunity to connect with a community of customers. Google+ is the key part of organic search rankings and brand visibility.



Steps to create Google+ My Business Account

  1. Just sign in to Google My Business
  2. Click on ≡ icon on the top left corner of page
  3. Click on the + to Create Business Account
  4.  Enter your Business Account name and click on Done

Choose your Business Category :

Choose your business category from the given menu. You can’t add your own category . You have to choose only from the given menu .

Add Your Information :

Your Business related information must be in your profile to represent your business .  So Add your Business  and its related information .

  1. Login to your Google+ account .
  2. Select your Local page from the top left menu and click on the Manage this page .
  3. Now go to settings in this Link different page to this location and choose your new page that you want to connect

Old and duplicate pages create load on your business account . Find out and delete old and duplicate pages that are not useful .


  1. Like a Twitter G+ is not a temporary space, limited, 140 characters updates. And it is not like a Facebook for meeting unknown people. Google Plus is designed by the top technology platform on the planet.
  2. It grows exponentially in only one and half year .It established as the second biggest social network in the world. Everything you post or write on G+ page is immediately indexed by Google. We know this is very much important for companies and professionals, because according to a study by Optify , the websites that appear on the first page of Google and mostly in the first few positions , get 54.8% of all clicks.
  3. Google plus means a lot of resources at a single location:

Youtube , Hangouts, Gmail ,Communities , Google ,Google Maps and other products. Each of these resources was created to take advantage and optimize the marketing strategy and make your brand quality.

  1. Google is offering us as new way to interact with the external world . By the personalization of Google’s search engine, you will get opportunity to find specific information related to your interests, preferences.
  2. You can add authorship to your content. Put your profile picture the contents in Google search results , it will make simpler .It also allows you to create your status and trust among users, It will increase the amount of clicks you get, the traffic, and the visitors . There are a lot of advantages to count!
  3. Your brand can be a part of different communities. Your brand can go around the world and actively connect with people , there is no need of waiting for users . On G+ it’s easy to connect with customers by finding them in groups that share the same interests as your brand.
  4. You will get a chance of connecting with your customers and your audience in a new and unique way which is FREE OF COST.
  5. People know and trust on the information given by the people who are already part of their circles . You can be the place where your customers want to be as with Google+ Local, users can discover and share places.