digital marketing overview


Digital Marketing is the marketing of products and services by using digital technology. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), influencer marketing, data driven marketing , content automation, content marketing, campaign marketing, e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, e-books, display advertising, games these digital marketing techniques are becoming more common in today’s technology.

It is the affordable strategy as compared to the any other professional courses. Digital marketing is the future of marketing. Digital Marketing allows feedback from users because of this it has an more advantage for brands and business. To create digital marketing strategy , the company must take in consider their digital proportion and communicate it using customers targeting techniques. The company must take care about budget and management.Digital marketing helps to grow business .

Digital Marketing Includes :

1. Social Media Marketing :

Facebook , LinkedIn , twitter are the examples of social media marketing and these strategies can be used for the interaction of customers or users and the company . It creates two-way communication between a customer and company . So by this way we take feedback from users and make changes in your product as per  the users opinion or demand.


2.Search Engine Optimization :

Using the  SEO our website can appear on the top of search result list given by search engine . For SEO foolowing points are taken into consideration :

  • Keyword Research and usage , on page and off page .
  • Link creations .
  • Content delivery .
  • Site structure .
  • Analytics .

It is not a total list . But it gives just idea about working of SEO .

3. Search Engine Marketing :

SEM and SEO are simlar concepts but the main difference between SEM and SEO is that SEM  includes paid online advertisement like Pay Per Click(PPC).

4. Content Marketing :

Content Marketing is used to produce and distribute the content or information which is related to the business and attract and engage particular type of audience which will help to achieve the business target .

Benefits Of Digital Marketing :

  1. Focus
  2.  Cost effective
  3.  Measurable result
  4.  Direct connection
  5.  Equal rights
  6.  Real time results
  7.  Easy fine tuning
  8.  Brand awareness
  9.  Less intrusive
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