competitor analysis

  • What is Competitor Analysis

                              The competitor analysis is an assessment of strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitor.The competitor analysis provides both defensive and offensive strategic context to identify opportunities and threads. The competitor analysis includes the competitor profiling.The profiles of competitor gives the in-depth description of competitor background, finances, products, markets, facilities,personnel and strategies


  1. To study the market

  2. To increase the market shares

  3. To study the market trends and patterns

  4. To develop the strategy for oragnizational growth

  5. To study upcomping trends in industry

  6. To formulate strategy

  1. Define your industry

  2. Determine who your customers are and what they expect

  3. Determine who your competitors are

  4. Determine the key strengths

  5. Rank the key success factors by giving each one a weighting

  6. Rate each competitor on each of the key success factors

  7. Multiply each cell in the matrix by the factor weighting

  1. Identify top competition
  2. Determine strength’s and weaknesses of your competition
  3. Develop a strategies based on analysis to increase the success