how to follow someone on pinterest

how to follow someone on pinterest

leran how to follow someone on pinterest

how to follow someone on pinterest , what is pinterest how does it work and apply for your business license. Increase business using pinterest. As there are many social media marketing tool available for various circumstances of digital marketing world. Therefore  pinterest can be use as one of digital marketing platform among bundle of tools.

The question might arrive as Why to use Pinterest for digital marketing?? As if there are other social networking tools are also available like facebook,linkedIn,Twitter,etc.

Pinterest provides a platform for digital marketing in various ways they are as follows:

  1. Planning
  2. Collecting
  3. Discussing
  4. Sharing ideas, common interests
  5. Directing traffic to the business portals or sites ,blogs

Business people and new businesses regularly inquire as to whether they ought to choose just online networking for showcasing, or stay with computerized media, or simply depend on customary media. The answer is yes to all, and the test is the way to pick the amount of each, and how to incorporate them for most extreme effect and the minimum expense. None ought to be viewed as focused totally unrelated to some other Social Media Marketing Services.

One of feature of pinterest is that it has nearly 100 millions of active users with the 176 millions active registrations.

  • Business owners all around the world can make use of this website as a traffic generating and audience creating tool for marketing their business.

Pinterest is just like general notice board .As we pin the notice on notice board and it is then visible to all people just like that in pinterest we can have our own pinterest account which will act like a notice board and in that account we can pin the ad or notice realted to our business and also can pin the related images or media.So that everyone will see it.

  1. For bookmarking an interesting idea, a recipe, an article, or a quote, the way you bookmark a chit on board in real life for later use.
  2. We can direct the traffic to our blog or business portal.
  3. For promotion of your business.
  4. For selling your products or service.
  5. We can communicat with other people on the Pinterest.

Pinning is nothing but having bookmark.When user clicks on pin it straight away redirect to the website from where it came from.So that user can find out more details about that particular product or services.

Pinterest board is a collection of bookmars.In this all pins are categorized by theme.

Three types of board:

  • Regular
  • Secret
  • Group

Two Types of Pinterest Account:

Pinterst Accounts are FREE for registration.

  1. It is used for driving the traffic to one’s blog or website.
  2. It is used for sharing the one’s own personal content
  3. It allows user to enter limited information
  4. In this Account is restricted to First and Last name format
  5. User can access Limited information to users of personal account
  1. It is used to avail the business analytics features of Pinterest
  2. It is used for the commercial purpose such as advertising of brand, shop, place, etc.
  3. It allows all users to input extra information with website’s metadata.
  4. This account can accept the name of the business with relaxed name format.
  5. User can access the useful links such as “Stories” and “Goodies”.