Certified Adwords Training

Before going for certification of Adwords Training ,first try to understand What does it mean the term “Adwords”.

Adwords is a service which makes us able to advertise our product online on social media.

Here we have to pay for our ad to display ad to Web User.

google adwords study guide

Adwords system is based on cookies and keywords which are determined by a advertisers.Search engines use these characteristics to place a copy of advertisement on a webpage or where they think that it might be relevant to advertisement.

Advertiser pays when user click on ad which is on webpage of site & partner website receive a some portion of generated income.

Types of Services Provided by Adwords:

This service also known as CPC that is Cost-Per-Click.It is used to attract user’s traffic to websites in which an advertiser pays to a website owner when ad is clicked. This service commonly deal with first tier search engines like Google. Websites that displays PPC ads will display these ads only when a keyword query matches an advertiser’s keyword list.

This  service is also known as CPA that is Cost-Per-Action.In this advertiser pay for specified acquisition or obtainment. Obtainment may include sale of product,click to advertisement or form submit.

Adwords program includes local ,national & international distribution of data.After knowing what is Adwords is & how it works. Now lets be ready to know about how one can become professional Adwords Certified.

For this ,there is Training especially for Adwords Certification which are designed to test your knowledge of online advertising best practices & about the Adwords’s basics.

Both of these quality characters are required to become professional Adwords Certified.

To test your knowledge of basic, advanced of online advertising concepts which includes

  1. Value proposition of online advertising

This includes an innovation , featured service to make online advertisement more attractive to customer.

  1. Compaign setup & Management
  2. Measurement
  3. Optimization

How to become Adwords Certified???

                To become Adwords certified you must clear two of the Adwords Certification Exams which are as follows:

This covers basics & some intermediate concepts of online advertising plus the best practices for Compaign setup & Management for Adwords.

Second one is among following:

This includes creation, management, measuring & optimization of search ad compaign across each search network.

This exam often covers advanced concepts & creation, management, measuring & optimization of Display Compaign.

This covers the basic and advanced concepts of Mobile Advertising which includes ad formats ,bidding & measuring and optimization of compaign.

This exam covers advanced concepts & creation, management, measuring & optimization of video advertising Compaign  across YouTube & the whole web.

This exam covers advanced concepts which includes a Merchant Center Account & product data feed and also creation and management of shopping compaign.