Community Engagement

Community Engagement refers to a individual persons that come together to form a community group.This community group has their common set of goals, achievements and  all of them work together to fullfil their expectations.

Following are key challenges has occurred while engaging community:

  • Engaging and maintaining current community involvement.
  • Need to Overcome the differences between and among academics and the community.
  • Working with non traditional or we can say different religion’s communities.
  • Initiation of a project with a community and developing a community counsellor board.
  • Overcome the competing priorities and institutional differences.
  • lack of time and money

Lets try to elaborate one of issue among above…

Cultural Differences: As we know community is consist of number of peoples or individuals and on the basis of that it is impossible to have monolithic culture in community that means community of a single culture.Community may include different different cultures like hindu,Christian,muslim,etc that we can,t predict.Although neither of academy is mono cultured.When we work in monoculture academy or community we often come across same thoughts, same assumptions ,same expectations etc. But when we engaged with community which having different cultures it turns difficult to share our thoughts, expect something different among those cirumstances and this can lead to harm relationships among community individuals and can negatively affect whole soul community.And hence setted goal can not achieve by the community and which is not expected.

Solution for  Cultural Barrieres:

  1. One of best solution is that to learn and respect other cultures which one can do by individual level.
  2. Be comfort in other culture
  3. Don’t think of word “Culture” while working for community.
  4. Mind your community’s goal and only think of how you can contribute yourselves to the community you are working with.