best website background color

Best website background color

Best website background color : A color speaks about so many things and is one of the prime characteristic of light which is again a source of energy. Even at time of web design, the designer need to give an attentive eye towards selecting the colors to be applied in making the website look lively, attractive and soothing to viewer’s eyes. If we go deep into color analysis then we will get to know about traditional color theory, where we can find only three colors which in no way can be formed with color mixing. To make it cut short there are three colors which are used to create other colors. The colors are: redyellow and blue and known as primary colors.
best website background color

Meanings of Color

Meanings of Color vary from one culture to culture, and so have a strong impact on branding and on the targeted audience. Based on the study conducted on top 100 brands of the industry it has been found that:
  1. 33% use Blue
  2. 29% use Red
  3. 28% use black or grayscale
  4. 13% use yellow

color recognition

It’s true that color recognition can give a strong boost to the popularity of the company, Which clearly indicates the fact as how customers recognizes and accepts a brand based on the color choice. The reputed Website design company in Mumbai, SPG Techsoft recognized the implication of colors on the minds of viewers and the experts here first analyze the market trends based on the nature of the business of the client and then select the colors for website to be designed by them. The firm is known for its matchless web designing and development services and already created a niche position for it in the industry. Sole mission of this company is to help client site create a striking presence online

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